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Ask For Angela

Learn about the ‘Ask Angela’ campaign and how it offers a lifeline for those in need of help in social settings.

Staying Safe from Drink Spiking at Festivals

CN Events Security Amongst a Crowd

Introduction Festivals are vibrant events that unite people to enjoy music, arts, and culture. However, amidst the fun and celebration, attendees must be aware of risks to ensure their safety. One such risk is drink spiking, a dangerous act that involves adding drugs or alcohol to someone‚Äôs drink without their knowledge. This article provides comprehensive […]

Guide to Staying Safe at Festivals

Security Guard at a Festival talking to people lining up to go to the bar.

Ensure your safety at festivals with expert advice and tips. This guide covers crowd management, personal safety, and emergency preparedness.

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Event Security Planning Guide

Planning an event? Our detailed event security planning guide is a must-read. From crowd management to emergency preparedness.

Recruiting: Corporate Security Officer

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Recruiting: Security Event Officer

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Cost of Construction Industry Crime

Explore the impact of crime on the construction industry. Theft, vandalism, and safety neglect can have serious financial and operational consequences.