8 September 2023

How to Become a Security Guard in the UK

Security Guard searching man at entry point

Like many nations, the UK sees a steady demand for trained security professionals. Given the varied nature of security threats, becoming a security guard offers a fulfilling career path. Here’s a step-by-step guide to launching your career as a security guard in the UK.

Understand the Role of a Security Guard

Before diving in, it’s essential to understand the job’s responsibilities.

1. Key Responsibilities

A security guard’s primary duty is to protect property, assets, or people. This can include monitoring surveillance systems, conducting security checks, and responding to alarms.

2. Skills Required

Security guards must be observant, trustworthy, and able to handle high-pressure situations. Good communication skills are also crucial, given the need to liaise with the public and other security personnel.

Security Guard Eligibility Criteria

1. Age and Background Checks

To be a licensed security guard in the UK, you must be at least 18 years old. Also, you’ll undergo a thorough background check to ensure you have no criminal convictions.

2. Right to Work

Applicants must prove their right to work in the UK.

Training for a Security Guard

1. Choose an SIA-approved Training Course

Before applying for a license, you must complete a training course approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). This will cover essential aspects like the role of a security officer, patrolling, security systems, and emergency procedures.

2. Pass the Exam

At the end of your training, you’ll have to pass an exam to showcase your understanding of the security industry.

Apply for an SIA Licence

Once you’ve passed your training, you can apply for an SIA licence – a mandatory requirement for all security personnel in the UK.

Continue to Learn and Grow

Security is a field that continually evolves.

1. Stay Updated with Industry Trends

Attending seminars, workshops, and training sessions can help you remain at the forefront of the industry.

2. Consider Specialisation

Several avenues for specialisation within security include VIP protection, retail security, hospitality security, and event security. You can pursue additional training and certification in these areas depending on your interests.

The Constellation Group – Navigating the World of Security with You

Becoming a security guard in the UK is meticulous, emphasising training and personal integrity. At The Constellation Group, we appreciate the importance of thorough training and provide bespoke security solutions tailored to the contemporary challenges of the industry. As you venture into this rewarding profession, working with experts like us can ensure you’re always a step ahead, equipped with the latest knowledge and best practices.

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