5 September 2023

How Much Does a Security Guard Cost in the UK?

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In an era of uncertainties, the value of safety and security has skyrocketed. The demand for security personnel, especially in the UK’s urban centres, has surged, prompting businesses and individuals alike to ask an essential question: How much does a security guard cost? This article seeks to decode the elements influencing the price and the prevailing rates for security services across the UK.

Key Factors Influencing the Cost of Security Guards

Several factors shape the price tag that comes with hiring security personnel. Understanding these can help businesses budget more effectively.

1. Nature of the Assignment

A security guard stationed at a quiet, suburban retail store won’t cost the same as one guarding a high-profile event in central London. The level of risk and complexity of a task significantly impact the price.

2. Duration of Service

Long-term contracts might offer a discounted hourly rate compared to one-off services or short-term hires.

3. Expertise and Training

Specialised guards, such as those trained in close protection or counter-terrorism, command higher rates due to their expertise and advanced training.

4. Geographical Location

Security services in urban hubs, particularly London, are typically more expensive than in rural areas or smaller towns.

5. Additional Responsibilities

The cost might increase if a guard’s role includes additional responsibilities, such as operating advanced security systems or multitasking roles.

The Average Costs: A Range

As of recent data (reed.co.uk):

  • Basic Security Guards: These guards typically earn between £8 to £12 per hour, depending on the abovementioned factors.
  • Specialised Security Personnel: Guards with specific training, such as event security or close protection, can command between £12 to £25 per hour, depending on the nature of their specialisation and the risk associated with their role.
  • Management and Consultative Roles: Senior security consultants and those in management roles may earn upwards of £30 per hour, reflecting their extensive experience and strategic roles.

It’s essential to note that these figures can vary, and obtaining multiple quotes for a more accurate estimate is always advisable.

Hidden Costs to Consider

When budgeting for security personnel, some indirect costs might fly under the radar:

  • Uniform and Equipment: If not provided by the security company, outfits and gear can add to your expenses.
  • Training and Certification: Regular training ensures guards remain up-to-date with the latest security protocols.
  • Insurance: Liability insurance for the security staff is crucial, especially if they’re directly under your employ.

Why Choose Professional Firms?

Hiring from reputed security firms might seem more expensive upfront, but it brings along invaluable benefits:

  • Vetted Professionals: Reputable companies ensure their guards undergo rigorous background checks.
  • Continuous Training: Firms invest in their personnel’s training, ensuring they have the latest security knowledge.
  • Accountability: Established companies offer better accountability and reliability than independent contractors.

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