30 August 2023

Tips on Making the Hotel Room You Are Staying in More Secure

Hotel Entrance

The Quest for a Safe Stay

Regarding travelling, whether for business or pleasure, security should be at the forefront of every guest’s mind. Hotels do their part, but as guests, there are additional measures you can take to ensure your room becomes a true haven. Let’s explore some essential tips to ensure a secure hotel stay.

Physical Security Measures

Adding an extra layer of physical security to your room doesn’t hurt, even in the safest hotels.

1. Use All Available Locks

Most hotel rooms offer multiple locking systems: a deadbolt, a safety chain, and the regular doorknob lock. Ensure you use all of them, especially at night or when you’re inside the room.

2. Invest in a Portable Door Lock or Door Stop Alarm

These devices are inexpensive, lightweight, and can provide an added layer of security by preventing the door from being opened, even with a key.

3. Check Windows and Balconies

Always ensure that windows and balcony doors are locked. If you spot any issues, report them to hotel management immediately.

Tech Tips for Added Safety

In our digital age, room security extends beyond just physical safety.

1. Be Wary of Wi-Fi

When connecting to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, use a VPN to encrypt your data. This will protect your information from potential hackers on the same network.

2. Use the Room Safe

Place your valuables (passport, jewellery, electronics) in the room’s safe for added safety. While not impregnable, it adds another layer of protection.

Cultivating Safe Habits

Your behaviour can play a pivotal role in ensuring your security.

1. Don’t Open the Door Without Verifying

If someone claims to be a hotel staff, call the front desk to confirm their identity before opening the door.

2. Keep a ‘Do Not Disturb Sign

Even when you’re out, hanging a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign can be a good idea. It gives the impression that someone is inside.

3. Stay Discreet

Avoid discussing your room number in public areas of the hotel where others might overhear.

The Constellation Group – Your Partner in Ensuring a Safe Stay

While individual vigilance is crucial, partnering with a security expert like The Constellation Group subsidiary Armatus can take hotel safety to the next level. For hoteliers looking to enhance the security of their establishment, The Constellation Group offers tailored solutions. Together, we can ensure that guests have a secure hotel stay and enjoy every single moment.

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